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Creating Resiliant Organisations

Growing your company can feel like a rollercoaster. From one day to the next there is a never-ending stream of firefighting, stopping you from focusing on what is important.

Two of the top reasons startups and small businesses fail is because they grow too fast, or the team doesn't know how to works together.

We work with you so that your organisation can healthily handle rapid growth. That means 10xing your organisation and not having process loss, or burning out your staff in the transition.

Building effective teams

Teams have more talent, creativity, and experience than any individual can have. So why then are most teams ineffective? Or why do so many teams struggle to achieve their goals?

Teams that are effective consistently hit their goals, and do so with being engaged and motivated.

We are here to work with you to help set up the conditions a team needs to be effective. Giving you the tools needed to replicate this to any team you create.

Creating future proof managers

Transitioning to management is not an easy task. At colleges and universities, we are taught technical skills but not the emotional side of ourselves. Management combines both technical craft and emotional intelligence.

We help people transition into management, helping them lead, grow and coach people and not dictate or micromanage them. We do this through training and mentoring. We offer a new perspective and then guide you through the problems when they happen.

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