Growing a startup can be painful.
We help you prepare.

We help you to

Create resilient

  • Effective communication
  • Preparing for scale
  • Strengths based developement
  • Culture development
  • Motivation and engagement
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Build effective and
performing teams

  • Teams that grow together
  • Consistently hit business goals
  • High team engagement
  • Develope a real competitive advantage
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Create managers
for the future

  • Effective desicion making
  • Be a coach not a boss
  • Create purpose
  • Develop strong management foundations
  • Coaching and mentoring
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Who this is for

Rapid growth or

Rapid growth is an exciting time, more people are coming meaning you can get more done. We help you navigate the complexity of adding people and ensure it’s a success.

Increase team

With the right team planning and conditions productivity will increase. Enabling you to get more done.

First time

Being a first time manager is both wonderful and scary. We help you set out the foundations for great management, setting you up for the future.

Founding and
management teams

Navigating the emotional rollercoaster of creating a new company is difficult. We can help set the conditions for success.

How it works

We listen

Each company has a unique culture and set of problems. We listen and ask questions to uncover the root cause.

We work together to
build a solution

We use data and our experience to co-create custom solutions for your buisness

We implement and

We implement the changes through workshops, training or change management plans. Then measure the outcome to ensure success.

Get in contact

Let’s work together to create a workplace that achieves its goals and keeps people engaged.

We will resond within 24 hours to set up a meeting either online or face to face.